Beaches123 Photograph Guidelines

When you mail photos to, provide your contact information, the beach name, its location, and approximate photo date; send up to 16 photos, half of which may be of a resort or nearby attractions.

Note: Submission of photographs constitutes a release of copyrights to to post them indefinitely on our site and at our discretion. will not sell photographs or make legal claims against contributors that publish or post the same photographs in print or electronically elsewhere.

Uploading Photographic Imagery
All photographic imagery uploaded or e-mailed to Beaches123 must follow the Terms of Use.

Please note that we reserve the right to review or reject listings with photographic imagery that contains:

  • illegal content
  • violations of copyright (refer to
  • trademark infringement
  • pornography
  • incitement of violence
  • promotions of hate
  • invasion of privacy