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Ads consist of a thumbnail image above up to four lines of hyperlinked text, placed along the right margin of the web pages of your choice, priced at flat monthly rates. After launch date later this year, ads will be posted within a week of payment or, for free ads, within a week of coupon redemption) and the paid or promotional discount contract will begin on the first of the month after posting.

Four Lines Max. Characters
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Ad Title
25 See Ad as it Would Appear
Description line 1 35 Explain and promote your
Description line 2 35 business in these two lines
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TIP 1: Before purchasing an advertising contract, be the first to contribute photos of any named beach in the world to receive a coupon good for 6 months of free advertising on the highest available position on any single beach page. And best of all, the photo will be credited to you at no cost for as long as it is posted on!

If you intend to upload or e-mail photos to for free advertising, provide your contact information, the beach name, its location, and approximate photo date; send up to 16 photos, half of which may be of a resort or nearby attractions.

TIP 2:Contribute the first photos of any other named beach to receive another coupon good for another 6 months of free advertising on any single beach. There is no limit on the number of coupons you can accumulate and use.

TIP 3: Take advantage of the 5% to 20% discounts for multiple listings and longer contracts, which can be combined with all other discounts and lock in today's ad rates. See our main Advertising Page for details.

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