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Beaches123.com is a unique marketplace for your beach-loving customers. It's the first website that allows visitors to shop for their vacations experiences anywhere in the world in just one website, with incentives to return before and after their every vacation. It's easy, it's convenient, and it provides you the opportunity to capture customers from a worldwide base. Welcome to this live demonstration!

Here's how it works:

All pages have the navigation frame shown at left for:

The Home page describes how to use the site and has guestbooks for visitors to post general comments and photos of themselves. From there, it's just beaches 1-2-3. Your customers are just 3 clicks away from any beach: they choose the island or country, then browse the beaches of the country. On the third click your customers arrive at the beach page, which provides additional photos and a description of features of the sand, the water, shore accommodations, facilities, and highlights. The right margin of every page is reserved for sponsored links like yours. Try it yourself in this live demonstration at Beaches123.com, where the beach pages for Aruba and Moomba Beach are activated.


Beaches123.com is offering an inaugural discount of 10% off its regular rates (see price chart below) for advertising on any of our pages when the site is launched later this year. This discount is available only until December 31, 2009. The inaugural discount can be combined with coupons from the free advertising offer and other discounts below. Advertise now to lock in current rates and discounts.


Be the first to contribute photos of any named beach in the world to receive a coupon good for 6 months of free hyperlink advertising on the same beach with the top priority position or any beach with the highest available position. Contribute the first photos of any other named beach to receive another coupon good for another 6 months of free advertising on any single beach. There is no limit on the number of coupons you can accumulate and use. And there is absolutely no obligation to renew your advertising contract when your free, promotional contract expires. And best of all, the photo will be credited to you at no cost for as long as it is posted on Beaches123.com!

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Provide your contact information, beach name, location, and approximate photo date; send up to 16 photos, half of which may be of a resort or nearby attractions. Refer to our Photograph Guidelines for further details.


Choose among the four types of ad plans below.

Plan Type Home Page Search by Location Page Country Page Beach Page Base Price/month
Beach Plans USD$25
Country Plans USD$50
Deluxe Plans USD$75
Premium Plans USD$100

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BONUS SAVINGS FOR LONGER CONTRACTS: Pay for 3 months, 6 months, or a year to save 5%, 10%, or 15% AND lock in current ad rates.

BONUS SAVINGS FOR MULTIPLE CONTRACTS: Pay for an ad on more than one beach page or country page to receive a 20% discount.

ALL PAID ADVERTISING CONTRACTS: Can be combined with coupons from the free advertising offer and additional discounts above.

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